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Lord of The Rings 4: Amir's Journey to Davis - imaladdin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lord of The Rings 4: Amir's Journey to Davis [Jan. 4th, 2005|12:01 pm]
Wow...never thought I'd be here again. Well after the advice of some friends I've decided to start writing in livejournal again. So winter break sucked. Hopefully it did for you too, muhahaha. Ok so here begins the journey of a lifetime (it wasn't really a journey of the lifetime but it sounds better that way so I'm sticking to it):

So my plane flight was at 3:00 pm Monday January 3rd at my favorite airport ever John Wayne (people are trying to change it to The OC Airport cuz of the show but thats ridiculous). Why is it my favorite? Could it be that John Wayne treats you like human beings and not herds of dumb sheep needing to be stripped searched and shoved and pushed into line like LAX? YES! Honestly people at LAX need to realize that we ARE people and that its not necessary to be rude. Rude and upholding safety don't go hand in hand. I feel like I'm in boot camp whenever I go there.
All they need is "drop and give me twenty" and some film and we can have a new season of OZ.

So anyways I'm in John Wayne and they politely ask me to do stuff and I'm waiting for the Southwest Plane. The plane arrives on time- GASP SHOCK!! Yes Southwest came on time but looooow and behold the crew for the flight didn't.
"Umm excuse me people of flight 2588. The crew is going to be a tad bit late so we will begin boarding with group A"
I really shouldn't hate. I love Southwest, but really a "tad bit late" for me is like 10 to 15 minutes. Bam just like that it was 3:50 and the crew finally shows up. A tad bit late my beep.
Oooooh I forgot. The reason I'm coming back to school two days early is because I have job training at 6. So my flight was to arrive at 4:30. It arrives at 4:50, so I'm stressed. I run to the baggage claim to see my friend Joey and his friend Christine and I go pick up my bags. First one out my was my suitcase. Now I'm waiting for my next bag....and waiting.......................and waiting...............and waiting..........and wow the very last bag decides to be my small effing hand bag. So its 5:13 and we are going out the parking lot, Joey gets out of paying a buck for parking because he parked a minute too long " " according to them and we are off. I make it home at 5:30 thinking the buses run normal now. I throw all my stuff in my freezing cold room (the house was an astonishing 45 degrees F) and run to the bathroom to pee (I really had to go). SPLASH! Yes the sound of the bathmat made a splash. The whole bathroom floor was soaking wet! Apparantly the toilet decides to leak water while we are out for winter break. Now pressed for time (5:35, the bus comes at 5:47) i throw the bathmat into the dryer, wipe up the water, run upstairs and pee, and then come downstairs and glance outside at 5:47. No bus in sight. Realizing that the buses don't run on normal schedule i frantically call everyone in my cell phone. Yay they are all home with their friends and family. I finally see my neighbor who i've talked to like twice ever since i got here and I ask him for a ride to the Gym cuz thats where I thought it was. I start running around the gym in my new jacket, black boots, and nice white pants and the ground is all muddy and wet cuz it was raining, trying to find this friggin place. Nowhere to be found. So i call my friend who works there to tell me where it is and he can't figure out where I am so i just walk in the general direction of where he describes the place. Then I call work at 6:04 explaining to them the situation and how I can't find the place. They tell me I'm on the wrong street when in fact i am on the correct street and that I have to take a left. Now im walking down a desolate street, it starts raining, and i end up in the dairy farm. Yes you heard me...i end up in a building with cows getting milk sucked out their utters. It stinks, it smells, the cows are wet, I'm wet: NOT A GOOD SITUATION. Plus in the back of my mind I'm thinking about quiting cuz I don't want to work next to cows and smell this wet cow milk non pasteurized homogenized smell. (I didn't know I was on the wrong street) So completely lost I run into the dairy farm ask this man who looks like a mix of Farmer John and the Jolly Green Giant where I am and he tells me to cross the street and make a left. Now its really raining hard. So running like a complete maniac in the dark, splashing into mud (it coulda been something else but I'm gonna remain optimistic and say mud) I find the place and run inside. Completely out of breath they ask me if I'm ok and not even letting me catch my breath, dry off, get water, or sit down, I have to do a whole introduction in front of everyone and their moms and all teh trainees. After the dismal performance i dried off and everything went back to normal..or so I thought.