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Mondavi Center and the Cook - imaladdin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mondavi Center and the Cook [Jan. 28th, 2004|08:27 pm]
Now I understand to be artistic, sometimes you have to be a lil' weird ("unique" as some say it), but this was just over the top. For our music 10 class we have to go to concerts and make a log for it. Well being a cheap person I decided to go to this concert because it sounded interesting AND, here is my favorite word, it was for FREE. My suitemate has the same class so we both went, but got there 8 minutes late. This performance was to my impression a dude drawing animation to music. Since in music class we were learning Bach and Mozart I thought it was to be at this extent. Well we got there and we could hear the "music", if you call heavy breathing and deep demonic voices music and there sat a dude putting paint on a canvas and then smudging it. So thinking this was just the beginning product we decided to sit. The noises became even more absurd ranging for a woman whispering sex and then screaming in pain (she sounded like her arm was going to get amputated) to crows "kaahing" while an possessed man decided to take the time out to recite some satanic verses. OH and you must be wondering about the painting. He took a picture of Buddha and a Yield sign and drew circles around it, then smudged it. The crowd was silent, amazingly a few actually were admiring his work, while I sat with my eyes closed next to two people wearing Burets (my suitemate had to sit somewhere else due to the lack of seating) and a chick and his gf laughing histerically in the back. When he left for intermission, maybe to find Maryln Manson to give us a live performance while he smudges brown paint in circles, I got up and my suitemate and I looked at each other with complete shock and fear and ran out and went home laughing histerically. So if my journals become to sound like im worshiping the devil, you'll know it was this man who put subliminal messages in my head.
The next day after being followed by the crows again I decided maybe I should have breakfast after my 7:30-9:00 Chem lecture with Mr. Stuchebrokov (his lectures are as bad as a toddler spelling his name at a spelling bee). So there is this Chef who cooks omelets for breakfast; i don't know his name, pierre or oui oui or something and he is this mean man who always gives me dirty looks. So I wrote down that I wanted an omelet and then filled a bowl with the things i wanted in it while he stared me down with his psycho glossy eyes. 2 minutes later they call my name and I find a burrito on the counter (people can order a breakfast burrito). This was NO honest mistake- I was the only one who ordered an egg. So I told them that this wasn't what i ordered and knowing that a big gooey phlegm would be in the next one if I re-ordered I told him that the burrito looks fine and took it thinking at least what I wanted in the omelet will be in it. So i opened the burrito to find runny uncooked semi-scrambled eggs with nothing in it. I got soooo pissed off. So i took the burrito and walked in front of him and everyone else to the trash can and i threw it in really hard, looked at him and said thanks and left. That Pierto or wahtever his name is better recognize. WE BROWN PEOPLE DON'T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT OR A SYMOBLIC STATEMENT.