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Life just gets better [Jan. 4th, 2005|12:29 pm]
So I had to bring an original copy of my birth certificate for job training which I did. Now i had to mail it back to my parents. Never had I thought a two mile bike ride with be a terror filled adventure.

So besides the weather being freezing cold, it was still wet from the rain. I borrowed my roomies bike cuz the wheel of my bike flew off on the way to my biology midterm and I ended up being 20 minutes late cuz I had to run like a mile to class with my backpack on (a whole different story). So wearing my trustee I got it from Ross cuz it was cheap and I liked it but it wasn't in my size so I got the 2 sizes bigger doesn't matter sweatshirt and placed my birth certificate in my front pocket. Let me explain to you...never in the two years I've worn it has something come out of my sweatshirts pocket. So i begin the what maybe 2 miles but i'm not my last year's math crazy psycho vietnamese roomie so it could have been less i like to exaggerate bike ride. I finally make it to the post office and low and behold....yes you got it...the birth certificate is missing. Yah...lucky ducky me...and it was coming wasn't it. You knew it was gonna be missing before I even told you. But you don't understand. This pocket held rubbish in it like a Join The Telletubbies Club at UC Davis flyer but it couldn't hold my birth certificate. Meri kismat. So cussing to myself in my head I decide to ride all teh way back while asking people if they have seen a green paper. Let me remind you my birth certificate is green and all of davis is green...so basically i was screwed. Oh and on top of that I'm almost positive there is something like the litter police in davis that likes to pick up litter and throw it away so I had no time. So i rode my bike half way...then all the way back to the post office...then called a few folks who told me that i could get a new one but i didn't want a new one. You see..my mom told me not to take the original because she knows I will lose it and we had a whole shpeel about how I think im responsible but i'm not etc. Now do you see why I had to find it? After an hour I decided to give up and ride back to my house..about .5 miles away from my house i notice a green paper in the middle of the bike lane and it was my birth certificate!!! I WAS SO HAPPY BUT SO PISSED AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSe it dropped right in front of the bus stop where i recall people being when i passed. NOT ONE PERSON TOLD ME I DROPPED SOMETHING...how messed up is that?