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Tsunami [Jan. 4th, 2005|12:46 pm]
My thoughts out to everyone who lost someone or was affected by the Tsunami. If you wanna help out there are many websites that are taking donations.
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Life just gets better [Jan. 4th, 2005|12:29 pm]
So I had to bring an original copy of my birth certificate for job training which I did. Now i had to mail it back to my parents. Never had I thought a two mile bike ride with be a terror filled adventure.

So besides the weather being freezing cold, it was still wet from the rain. I borrowed my roomies bike cuz the wheel of my bike flew off on the way to my biology midterm and I ended up being 20 minutes late cuz I had to run like a mile to class with my backpack on (a whole different story). So wearing my trustee I got it from Ross cuz it was cheap and I liked it but it wasn't in my size so I got the 2 sizes bigger doesn't matter sweatshirt and placed my birth certificate in my front pocket. Let me explain to you...never in the two years I've worn it has something come out of my sweatshirts pocket. So i begin the what maybe 2 miles but i'm not my last year's math crazy psycho vietnamese roomie so it could have been less i like to exaggerate bike ride. I finally make it to the post office and low and behold....yes you got it...the birth certificate is missing. Yah...lucky ducky me...and it was coming wasn't it. You knew it was gonna be missing before I even told you. But you don't understand. This pocket held rubbish in it like a Join The Telletubbies Club at UC Davis flyer but it couldn't hold my birth certificate. Meri kismat. So cussing to myself in my head I decide to ride all teh way back while asking people if they have seen a green paper. Let me remind you my birth certificate is green and all of davis is green...so basically i was screwed. Oh and on top of that I'm almost positive there is something like the litter police in davis that likes to pick up litter and throw it away so I had no time. So i rode my bike half way...then all the way back to the post office...then called a few folks who told me that i could get a new one but i didn't want a new one. You see..my mom told me not to take the original because she knows I will lose it and we had a whole shpeel about how I think im responsible but i'm not etc. Now do you see why I had to find it? After an hour I decided to give up and ride back to my house..about .5 miles away from my house i notice a green paper in the middle of the bike lane and it was my birth certificate!!! I WAS SO HAPPY BUT SO PISSED AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSe it dropped right in front of the bus stop where i recall people being when i passed. NOT ONE PERSON TOLD ME I DROPPED SOMETHING...how messed up is that?
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Lord of The Rings 4: Amir's Journey to Davis [Jan. 4th, 2005|12:01 pm]
Wow...never thought I'd be here again. Well after the advice of some friends I've decided to start writing in livejournal again. So winter break sucked. Hopefully it did for you too, muhahaha. Ok so here begins the journey of a lifetime (it wasn't really a journey of the lifetime but it sounds better that way so I'm sticking to it):

So my plane flight was at 3:00 pm Monday January 3rd at my favorite airport ever John Wayne (people are trying to change it to The OC Airport cuz of the show but thats ridiculous). Why is it my favorite? Could it be that John Wayne treats you like human beings and not herds of dumb sheep needing to be stripped searched and shoved and pushed into line like LAX? YES! Honestly people at LAX need to realize that we ARE people and that its not necessary to be rude. Rude and upholding safety don't go hand in hand. I feel like I'm in boot camp whenever I go there.
All they need is "drop and give me twenty" and some film and we can have a new season of OZ.

So anyways I'm in John Wayne and they politely ask me to do stuff and I'm waiting for the Southwest Plane. The plane arrives on time- GASP SHOCK!! Yes Southwest came on time but looooow and behold the crew for the flight didn't.
"Umm excuse me people of flight 2588. The crew is going to be a tad bit late so we will begin boarding with group A"
I really shouldn't hate. I love Southwest, but really a "tad bit late" for me is like 10 to 15 minutes. Bam just like that it was 3:50 and the crew finally shows up. A tad bit late my beep.
Oooooh I forgot. The reason I'm coming back to school two days early is because I have job training at 6. So my flight was to arrive at 4:30. It arrives at 4:50, so I'm stressed. I run to the baggage claim to see my friend Joey and his friend Christine and I go pick up my bags. First one out my was my suitcase. Now I'm waiting for my next bag....and waiting.......................and waiting...............and waiting..........and wow the very last bag decides to be my small effing hand bag. So its 5:13 and we are going out the parking lot, Joey gets out of paying a buck for parking because he parked a minute too long " " according to them and we are off. I make it home at 5:30 thinking the buses run normal now. I throw all my stuff in my freezing cold room (the house was an astonishing 45 degrees F) and run to the bathroom to pee (I really had to go). SPLASH! Yes the sound of the bathmat made a splash. The whole bathroom floor was soaking wet! Apparantly the toilet decides to leak water while we are out for winter break. Now pressed for time (5:35, the bus comes at 5:47) i throw the bathmat into the dryer, wipe up the water, run upstairs and pee, and then come downstairs and glance outside at 5:47. No bus in sight. Realizing that the buses don't run on normal schedule i frantically call everyone in my cell phone. Yay they are all home with their friends and family. I finally see my neighbor who i've talked to like twice ever since i got here and I ask him for a ride to the Gym cuz thats where I thought it was. I start running around the gym in my new jacket, black boots, and nice white pants and the ground is all muddy and wet cuz it was raining, trying to find this friggin place. Nowhere to be found. So i call my friend who works there to tell me where it is and he can't figure out where I am so i just walk in the general direction of where he describes the place. Then I call work at 6:04 explaining to them the situation and how I can't find the place. They tell me I'm on the wrong street when in fact i am on the correct street and that I have to take a left. Now im walking down a desolate street, it starts raining, and i end up in the dairy farm. Yes you heard me...i end up in a building with cows getting milk sucked out their utters. It stinks, it smells, the cows are wet, I'm wet: NOT A GOOD SITUATION. Plus in the back of my mind I'm thinking about quiting cuz I don't want to work next to cows and smell this wet cow milk non pasteurized homogenized smell. (I didn't know I was on the wrong street) So completely lost I run into the dairy farm ask this man who looks like a mix of Farmer John and the Jolly Green Giant where I am and he tells me to cross the street and make a left. Now its really raining hard. So running like a complete maniac in the dark, splashing into mud (it coulda been something else but I'm gonna remain optimistic and say mud) I find the place and run inside. Completely out of breath they ask me if I'm ok and not even letting me catch my breath, dry off, get water, or sit down, I have to do a whole introduction in front of everyone and their moms and all teh trainees. After the dismal performance i dried off and everything went back to normal..or so I thought.
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Relay For Life [Apr. 9th, 2004|11:28 pm]
Forgive me since i haven't updated for like a helluva long time. Ok so whats new with my life...well im trying to raise 100 bucks for Relay For Life. Its for research and aid for curing cancer. Right now i only have 10 bucks..so 90 more to go. If you want...here is the link (think about how happy God will be if you donate!!)

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France [Mar. 9th, 2004|10:48 pm]
France is getting on my nerves. I don't know if you know, but they are banning anything religious from schools and colleges. Basically you can't wear a cross, a yamaka, a hijab, or anything else to school or class. To top that...someone i know is really bugging me- and everyone around him. Fly back down to reality ya ethnocentric fool. you aren't zeus, you aren't god, you aren't a famous person, and you aren't french.
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March 12th [Mar. 6th, 2004|03:58 pm]
March 12th is coming up and I just want you guys to know about an innocent woman by the name of Rachel Corrie. She died in Israel, by Isrealis for trying to protect the destructio of a home of a Palestinian family by a bulldozer. She was crushed to death. It will be one year since her death.
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Ultra-liberal....conservatives beware. This is a serious post.. [Mar. 3rd, 2004|01:48 pm]
Myyyy ohhh myyy......I can't believe that I haven't written in my live journal for such a long time. I think its mainly because i'm depressed. School depresses me, the world depresses me, and now a friend is moving and thats depressing too. I'm a happy person...don't get me wrong. I'm not sitting on the couch singing sappy sad songs and eating potato chips. Its just, recently I've just had it with the way our world is going. So much hatred. So much disgust. It all started when I watched the movie Passion of the Christ. Being muslim and believing in a similar story, not quite the same (especially the ending) I took the movie as a movie and not reality. But it was so depressing to see what Jesus had to go through. So much pain, and for what? For believing in something that is against the norm. How horrific is that. And all of you are thinking oh god it would suck to live back then etc. but i mean come on...is our world any better now? The things that are happening in the world is horrid, but since most of us like to live in la la lands and not really care about anyone outside America until it happens to us (aka 9-11) nobody really knows about it. I mean come on. So many people are dying. Look at the Israel Palestine conflict. Does anyone really know and understand what is happening there? You think you do, but how trustworthy is the media. Obviously the media wont be talking about us doing unjust and inhumane things, so this must mean our media is biased and racist. Take for example the Oklahoma City Bombing. Does anyone know what religion Timothy McVeigh believed in? No. No one talked about that. But when someone from the middle-east busts out and does somethign crazy, something that doesn't even represent his religion, everyone knows what religion he is. Also all the gang stuff. You know there has to be white people in gangs...but do you hear about them? Nope. The news always mentions a latino, an oriental, and they most definitely mentions an african american. What im trying to say is this: If we believe in freedom, why do we deport Haitians back to Haiti, when they are running away from the place cuz they are scared for their life, while when a cuban comes to seek refuge so he can get a job, we let them stay. Look at the palestinian israeli conflict. Why do we support israel? answer that question, but answer it without bringing up your religion and the fact that they were ordained to the place. Remember- the church and state are seperate. What caused Saddam Hussein to be an imminent threat to America rite after the war in Afghanistan. Would we have attacked him if 9-11 never happened?? I don't think so. Why? Cuz then we couldn't lie to the public, make it seem somehow that Iraq had something to do with 9-11, and go in to get oil. I mean if he was that big of a threat, why did NATO not support our decision to go in. Oh and the best part. We go in, kill and rape a whole nation, sacrafice so many American soldiers, so we can get WMDs (which were never there). I have such a big problem with people not even caring whats happening to innocent peoples lives. Whats up with the war now? Does anyone hear about the war? Nope. Does anyone care to ask why troops are still in Iraq is saddam is captured? Does anyone care to ask whats up with the WMDs? GAAAH.
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Germaphobic is he of me....im Nastaphobic of him [Feb. 19th, 2004|10:20 pm]
Yah so my psycho suitemate is at it again. The deranged man threw a fit over me putting a piece of paper with notes on it in his trashcan. Wait here is the absurd part: he took a napkin and pushed the paper down into the trashcan with it to avoid making hand contact. Like when someone takes a bag and picks their dogs ish up with it cuz they don't want to touch it. Then he takes the trash out, with the one piece of paper in it and leaves. This is the guy who never took showers in the first place. My suitemate told him all the trash goes in the same place, which it does..but ARGH. I'm over it (i always say that). I guess some people have really weird pet peeves. Did i mention that he took the trash out cuz my one piece of paper was in it? If you are Vietnamese, please tell me there is a reason for this behavior. Is it lack of parenting or too much parenting that makes him so eccentric, yet a genius at the same time? It can't be cuz he's vietnamese, thats just a retarded excuse and my best friend was vietnamese and he was sane. his dad looks crazy too. Enough of this backbiting. Is it really backbiting when the person's name isn't mentioned? Too many thoughts on my mind. maybe its cuz i have a music listening quiz tomorrow i was studying and it pumped me up after my suitemate and i did fake yoga. it was more like yogoo. well you must be wondering whats been happenun with my life cuz i haven't written for a while. here is a recap:
i did REALLY bad on my music midterm (really bad)
tada. don't forget im in davis. ill keep you guys updated on the psychoness that happens up here...including an update on the word hella and my frequent use of it. Did any of you watch Friends lately? Why am i not liking joey. he's getting on my nerves. and the whole ross and rachel thing just popped up out of the blue. they shoulda started it a long time ago. it seems like since there are only 4 episodes left they have to rush things up and make them get back together again cuz "all of their fans want them together." who really does care? i don't.
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Sorry [Feb. 5th, 2004|05:28 pm]
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Don't get all bent out of shape cuz I have written in my journal for a while. Dude, just think of me as the man version of JK Rowling. You must wait till the next Harry Potter comes out, as you will have to wait for my new journal.

Well this week was pretty stressful. Source of stress: chemistry midterm. Lets just say i went from burping vomit out of my mouth to laughing at my computer screen like a madman and not being able to stop. I was so sick of the midterm, that i would just get irritated by looking at my suitemate's face (sorry friendsfreak) because it reminded me of the test even more. So after taking the dumb midterm one would think i would be fine. Nope. They decided to post up the grades the next day and I did 20 points worst than I thought I was going to do. Yah. Sucks for me. But im not going to stress until i get the hardcopy into my hands and see what I made mistakes on. Im hoping it wasn't me who made the mistake but them. For some reason I think my TA screwed me over because she went from nice to "b" in 1 week. She was all cheerful and peppy the first week we met her, and then i don't know what happened, the woman is actin like she needs some preperation H. All hollerin up in my face like i deserve it. She even threatened to give us minus 5 points in lab because someone left their pencil next to the balance. I THOUGHT I WAS LUCKY CUZ I GOT THE WHITE CHICK AND MY SUITEMATE GOT THE ORIENTAL DUDE. (You know us Asian people like to be all crazy when it comes to teaching.) My mom even told me she wanted to teach a class at my high school and how she would be a better teacher than everyone. Just cuz you mean doesn't mean you are a good teacher. I'm just glad she was joking cuz i woulda been enemy number one in hs if she actually did teach. Well the crows turned on me. I saved one of their kind and thought that them circling around me and following me everywhere was a sign of gratitude. But yesterday I saw the gratitude all right. It came as a big white poo on my hand and pants! When people hear UCDavis they picture cows. There are more crows/seagulls here than cows!
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Mondavi Center and the Cook [Jan. 28th, 2004|08:27 pm]
Now I understand to be artistic, sometimes you have to be a lil' weird ("unique" as some say it), but this was just over the top. For our music 10 class we have to go to concerts and make a log for it. Well being a cheap person I decided to go to this concert because it sounded interesting AND, here is my favorite word, it was for FREE. My suitemate has the same class so we both went, but got there 8 minutes late. This performance was to my impression a dude drawing animation to music. Since in music class we were learning Bach and Mozart I thought it was to be at this extent. Well we got there and we could hear the "music", if you call heavy breathing and deep demonic voices music and there sat a dude putting paint on a canvas and then smudging it. So thinking this was just the beginning product we decided to sit. The noises became even more absurd ranging for a woman whispering sex and then screaming in pain (she sounded like her arm was going to get amputated) to crows "kaahing" while an possessed man decided to take the time out to recite some satanic verses. OH and you must be wondering about the painting. He took a picture of Buddha and a Yield sign and drew circles around it, then smudged it. The crowd was silent, amazingly a few actually were admiring his work, while I sat with my eyes closed next to two people wearing Burets (my suitemate had to sit somewhere else due to the lack of seating) and a chick and his gf laughing histerically in the back. When he left for intermission, maybe to find Maryln Manson to give us a live performance while he smudges brown paint in circles, I got up and my suitemate and I looked at each other with complete shock and fear and ran out and went home laughing histerically. So if my journals become to sound like im worshiping the devil, you'll know it was this man who put subliminal messages in my head.
The next day after being followed by the crows again I decided maybe I should have breakfast after my 7:30-9:00 Chem lecture with Mr. Stuchebrokov (his lectures are as bad as a toddler spelling his name at a spelling bee). So there is this Chef who cooks omelets for breakfast; i don't know his name, pierre or oui oui or something and he is this mean man who always gives me dirty looks. So I wrote down that I wanted an omelet and then filled a bowl with the things i wanted in it while he stared me down with his psycho glossy eyes. 2 minutes later they call my name and I find a burrito on the counter (people can order a breakfast burrito). This was NO honest mistake- I was the only one who ordered an egg. So I told them that this wasn't what i ordered and knowing that a big gooey phlegm would be in the next one if I re-ordered I told him that the burrito looks fine and took it thinking at least what I wanted in the omelet will be in it. So i opened the burrito to find runny uncooked semi-scrambled eggs with nothing in it. I got soooo pissed off. So i took the burrito and walked in front of him and everyone else to the trash can and i threw it in really hard, looked at him and said thanks and left. That Pierto or wahtever his name is better recognize. WE BROWN PEOPLE DON'T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT OR A SYMOBLIC STATEMENT.
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